Overly Dramatic Highlights from Day 3



Getting two rounds of blood transfusions today due to low hemoglobin. Going right into my comfy neck IV.


4 thoughts on “Overly Dramatic Highlights from Day 3

  1. I’ve been way off the grid for quite a while and am not sure why I felt the need to check up on you today, but I got online and VOILA!!! Thrilled for you and wishing you the very, very best of luck. Go, new (slightly used), kidney, GO!!!

  2. hey toast — i hear those neck IVs are less pleasant than one might like, so i hope you don’t have to deal with it too long. glad you’re getting some blood, and hope it perks you up somewhat. happy for updates, too. i’m going out of town for july, but kevin’ll be around if you need him. in the meantime, we’re sending you love and whatever else you might like to think of coming your way. enjoy that new kidney, dude! love ya!

  3. Hey Holly, I know you’ve probably seen all sorts of awful things in the hospital. I’m told there was lots of awful in the ICU I spent my first night in. I hope you have a wonderful month in the mountains! I will actually be down here in Charlotte for the whole month of July, as I have to be seen for follow-up visits down here initially. Thanks for the warm thoughts!

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