Literally, this is what I writing shortly before 11:40PM tonight…

Just a vent before a scheduled 5-day workweek.

Dear Universe, please engineer a situation that provides me with a donor kidney from the Charlotte area ASAP.

This doing hemodialysis three times a week and working full-time is getting really old. Every week is just a game of survival. Thriving is not an option. I’m maxed out in what I can do. The last prime years of my life are evaporating.

Even getting the call from Charlotte doesn’t solve everything. I got to avoid rejection. I’ve got to avoi…

Well, I’ve got to avoid infection. I’ve got to cope with a bloated face indefinitely. But all things I’m ready to do right away, and I got that call from Carolinas Medical Center, and now it’s just a two hours wait to see if I make the three hour drive.

This is stunning and ridiculous and amazing and…I’ve got a lot to do….

Will update this thread as time allows…

12:53 AM – OK…basically packed. Contacted potential temporary pet guardians and sitters. And now waiting. Waiting and hoping this is not another dress rehearsal.

Unable to truly digest the risks and fears and benefits involved in this procedure. I imagine I will do ten hours of thinking on the three hour drive down, should I actually make that drive.

1:14 AM – WAITING…BBC World News overnight…riveting…


Aremid 2011.06.25 3

Herman 2011.06.25

1:56 AM – Morbid curiosity has set in. I am reading the Charlotte news web sites. There have been a couple of tragic deaths in the last 24 hours. Waiting is excruciating. I know that a false alarm will not be the worst thing in the world…

2:20 AM – No call yet. 10 minutes until the estimated call-back time. Either it’s good news and I load up the car along with Herman and his stuff so I can drop him off at a friend’s, and I head out of here for a month…or my heart sinks and gut contorts, and I try to figure out how to absorb the disappointment….2:22 AM….



2 thoughts on “THE CALL PART TWO

  1. I hope everything’s going well! I am glued to your site/facebook hoping for updates. Please let me know if we can swing by the house and do anything for you — pick up mail, whatever 🙂

  2. I will be waiting to hear how you are doing on your blog and keeping you in my prayers as you go through this exciting, intense and hopefully very successful surgery! Best of luck!!

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