Photo catch-up – 2011.02.18

I was taking a lot of pictures four months ago, specifically on February 18. I was still in the midst of my post-surgery recovery at home and recently purchased my SLR camera. As often is the case when I shoot a lot of pictures, I never got around to going through them.

A sampling:

Zellouisa looking out the window 2011.02.18
Zellouisa, atop the stereo, looking out the window

Living Room 2011.02.18
The living room looks fairly cleaned up relative to its default state, because the cleaning service I began using in January on a monthly basis had just come. I took a bunch of pictures of the insides of my house, but I’ve loaded many of them to Flickr as private, since they still show a state of mess that I one day hope to use as “before” photos.

Happy Herman on the rug 2011.02.18
A happy Herman pic

Me and Aremid 2011.02.18 2
Me with that whiny 15-year-old brat-of-a-cat of mine


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