Toastie Radio Forever

It’s been three years since I pulled the plug on Toastie Radio. Toastie Radio represented a labor of love that was THE big thing I had hoped to do on the internet. It was Shoutcast broadcast of an MP3 playlist I constantly tweaked. The “love songs and more” tagline referred to my collection of schmaltz soft rock and the occasional eclectic non-conforming track that I was proud of myself for discovering. At its peak, I’d have 40-50 concurrent listeners around the world. I’d get guestbook signings and, later, blog comments validating the music as something that appealed to others on this planet other than myself.

Anyway, that’s my brief history of Toastie Radio.

I am happy to declare that I have tweaked my Pandora station Toastie Radio Forever to the point to recommend that everyone put it on their station list. Not that I get anything out of that. But I just wanted to declare that its there.


One thought on “Toastie Radio Forever

  1. HEY ! ! ! !
    your on PANDORA now ?? NO WAY ! – I’m answering the email you sent me 2 days ago and I googled toastie to try to locate your old site to see if this was you. HA ! no shit !
    THANKS good to hear from you after all this time.
    your LAST and LOYAL listener > Mark < from the original toastiest station. I'll sign up on pandora now THANKS for the email. ps I left I was a subscriber and couldn't afford it anymore. lost my job and I'm STILL out of work 3 years later 😦

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