Making Fast Money on the Internet

Yeah, I’d like someone to set up a site like this for me, too:

I have a website in my country and want to sell all of the amazon products without my clients knowing I buy them from the project would consist on taking the whole amazon product database and uploading those products in my website. The idea is to show almost every product sold by in our website and be able to update it monthly. We need prices, weight, name, description and as many fields as possible.

I stumbled upon this freelance request while trying to figure out Amazon’s EC2 services. This is, on one hand, comical, and on the other hand, brilliant.

Gosh, I wish I had some programming skills. For the record, I do not. I’d learn something…but there’s just so much…and there are thousands of people who already know everything better than I ever will.

Oh, I’m just full of ideas. I’ve got this one idea…


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