Crouton du jour no. 61: Eterna

As long as I’m on an absolute-truth spree, from an early age, I’ve had this uncanny mental quirk whereby I get some piece of instrumental music stuck in my head, and it can become the soundtrack of weeks or months of experiences. I think I wrote a paper about this in college, and it might be worthwhile to dig it out someday. This is something I’m not embarrassed about even though one would think I should be. In fact, I think it’s been therapeutic.

Anyway, one of the quirkiest themes that stayed with me for years was the music you can hear below. Back in 1989, the soap opera One Life to Live, which ABC recently announced it would be canceling after 43 years on the air, did a ridiculous and, quite frankly, awesome storyline about a lost underground city called Eterna. The Eterna storyline was even more awesome than the Days of Our Lives storyline about the mysterious city of Aremid. (However, “Aremid” makes a much better name for a cat.)

Even if you don’t care for the music, you’ve got to love the cutting-edge futuristic font used in the special end credits.


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