Divorcing Duke

I quit working there back in November, and now I am symbolically leaving their kidney transplant program.

I have now officially had my 1169 days of “waiting” on Duke’s transplant list transferred to the medical center that’s in the big city in the southern part of the state. Given the average seven-year-wait for B blood-types at Duke, having zero days accrued leaves me with little chance of getting a second call from them.

The wait may only be slightly less on the new list, which I’ve been trying to get active on since October 2009 due to their presumably shorter wait-times (that have grown in the interim). But Duke lost me in recent months with their aggressive game of blame-the-patient. Blame me for the insurance problems that prevented me from receiving a transplant back in March. Blame me for my lack of civility with a surgery intern following my January surgery.

[Redacted additional details that can have a life on Facebook. Why risk completely burning bridges with Duke?]

I’m extremely disappointed that I will not be getting a kidney transplant at Duke.

I am somewhat optimistic that I’ll be getting one somewhere else soon* enough.

*soon–Any day now or another 2-3 years…who knows…

Also, I am not divorcing Davita just yet. Too much stress involved in changing. I was given my time to vent. I hope I was heard. Now I will just hope for the best.


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