Divorcing Davita

I’m home an hour early this evening, having had Davita take me off treatment prematurely. On the paper I have to sign that says I wanted to be taken off, I gave as my reason that I had zero trust in the staff and needed to find either another shift or another facility. I’m leaning towards changing facilities and wondering just how quickly a dialysis facility that’s only a few blocks away could get me in for at least a trial run. Its run by the rival dialysis chain, and I have no evidence that it’s any better. But I must try something else. I need a change of scenery. I need a change of personnel. I don’t see how it could be worse. They’d surely be extra attentive and friendly in the short-term, I’d like to hope.

I could list all of the reasons why my current facility sucks, but, without proper substantiation, I’d be opening myself up to a lawsuit. They didn’t nearly kill me or anything that severe, though I know people who could make such claims. I’m just looking for place that, perhaps, is professionally run. That’s a lot to ask with this business. But the bar is so low right now, that another facility will have to at least seem better initially.

What a pain the ass, though. Like I really want to spend my free time looking into changing treatment places again.

I’ll look to my last post about nocturnal dialysis from last July. That place had the same management, so one can just extrapolate and assume similar bullshit was flung around here.


One thought on “Divorcing Davita

  1. Well, Davita, you’ve got me for a little while longer. Keep working on that customer service. I appreciate a couple of gestures made today. I will appreciate it more when these gestures are not necessary anymore.

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