Uncouching Herman

On Saturday, volunteers from The Coalition to Unchain Dogs, who have done an incredible job in Durham and other communities over the last four years to free a thousand dogs from the pain and heartache of chains, will come to my humble abode so that the perpetually couched Herman can have a fence in his old age. I am so grateful that they are helping me out. I’ve been meaning to get Herman a fence for forever, and it just hadn’t materialized yet. I don’t know quite how to thank them other than by continuing to support them.

I’ve been to a tiny fraction of Durham fence-buildings over the years. Three years ago, when I first went, Amanda and Lori and the crew had built fences for a few dozen dogs. Since then, they’ve not only built hundreds of more fences, but they were instrumental in getting the anti-tethering ordinance passed in Durham County, they grew their organization to six other chapters around North Carolina and beyond, and now they inspire thousands to similar work on behalf of dogs and communities from coast to coast.

One thing I can do to say thanks is to ask others to support the Coalition. So many dogs are not as fortunate as Herman and don’t have a couch to sleep on day and night. Their owners mean well for their dogs but just don’t know any better than to place them on a chain, or they simply can’t afford a fence. The Coalition helps these people and their dogs, and the result are happier dogs, happier dog owners, and, truly, happier and safer communities. So, if you are so inclined, please visit their website and give them a donation. Thanks!

Also, this wouldn’t be happening without the help of my terrific pet-sitters, so if you are in need of pet-sitting, I highly recommend Bull City Pet Sitting!


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