Feline health update

This post is a week late. I took Aremid back to the vet last Friday, worried that the new meds were not helping. I was, then, pleasantly surprised when my vet told me that Aremid’s weight had gone up a whopping 9 ounces in 13 days. She could also tell that some muscle had returned. So, as of a week ago, we thought that the prednisone was helping a lot, and he probably has been suffering from irritable bowel disease (in addition to hypothyroidism).

Aremid pics from a few days ago, and some of the other cat who lives here…

Aremid and Zellouisa 2011.04.09 04

Aremid 2011.04.09 05

Aremid and Z leg stretch 2011.04.09

Aremid 2011.04.09 01

Zellouisa 2011.04.09 01

A few more


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