Feline health update

So this is what this blog has become…just a series of human and pet health updates…

Aremid hides at vet appt
Aremid at the vet / 2011.03.26

“Severe muscle wasting on his head, scapula, and neck”

Down to 6 pounds, 15 ounces

Slightly elevated T-4, so his methimazole dosage for his hyperthyroidism has gone up.

And, since his condition can be completely attributed to hyperthyroidism, he has now started on prednisone, which will treat inflammatory disease, if that’s afflicting him.

We will see if Aremid finally starts putting on some weight for a change. If he doesn’t improve in a couple of weeks, we will add Leukeran, which is used to treat lymphoma.

Thank goodness for Greenies Pill Pockets.


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