The Call: Addendum


10:30AM – No emergency approval. There’s a kidney on ice that will need to go to someone else. And I will try to forget that these past 10½ hours happened. Except I’ve got to deal with a bunch of insurance bullshit now that I previously unaware of.

Addendum, according to a conversation I had today with my health insurance provider’s transplant case manager:

2:00PM – My health insurance provider approves a kidney transplant for me at Duke.

Two weeks ago, I posted a cynical screed about transplant case management. I ignored my transplant case manager’s several attempts to contact me. I was suggested, but not mandated, that I have a conversation. However, had I contacted him prior to yesterday, I’d probably have a kidney right now. (If I had had $110,000 on me yesterday, I also would probably have a kidney right now.)

This doesn’t make what happened any less convoluted. I’ll fill in the details some other time, but I am exhausted by the subject for now.


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