Yummy: Pics of my polycystic kidney

My doctor thought he had accidentally deleted the pictures of my removed polycystic kidney, but did manage to keep them, after all. I’ll keep them small on here and place them below a cut, and then you can click for full nastiness. Note that the kidney was actually quite a bit larger when it was inside of me. My surgeon had to drain a whole lot of cysts in order to shrink it so it would fit through a two-inch laproscopic opening. Here, it looks to be about eight inches long. When it was inside me, it weighed 8-10 pounds.

The second photo must be a view from the other side, and it shows some cysts that weren’t popped.

Of course, I still have one remaining kidney that looks pretty much like this and gives me maybe 3% of normal kidney function, which is better than nothing and why I didn’t have it removed. Ideally, it will keep working until I can get a transplant, at which time I can rid of it.


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