Peritoneal Dialysis and Big Beef and Cheddar

Bad News
My abdominal cavity is such a mess from that nasty, massive, bloody polycystic kidney that used to be there that peritoneal dialysis may be riskier for me than for others. If I am interested in doing it, I may need to wait six months or so for scar tissue to heal.

Good News
I found some episodes of 30 Rock from Season 1 that I hadn’t seen.



2 thoughts on “Peritoneal Dialysis and Big Beef and Cheddar

  1. is the good news within the bad news that you don’t have to figure out the no-pets-in-the-bedroom sitch for at least six months? cold comfort, i know, and i’m not trying to be little mary sunshine. cause yeah, this whole thing sucks, start to finish. hope a big beef ‘n’ cheddar moment helps.

  2. Holly, definitely! As soon as I realized that PD was not going to happen anytime soon, I let the pets back in. I’m going to put the thought of ever having to restrict their access out of my mind. I will add, however, that before I had talked to my doctors, I was seriously thinking of buying a bed JUST so the cats could have a bed (and then I’d presumably have a bed for a houseguest, too).

    And one bit of fallout from this has also been that bought a TV for my bedroom, which I have no plans to return, even though, so far, I have no antenna and have just used it to listen to Pandora (as it has internet on it).

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