Peritoneal Dialysis: The hurdle

In order to go peritoneal dialysis AND not introduce a considerable risk of infection, I need to close off the bedroom from the pets. They wouldn’t just have to be out overnight while I did my transfers with the machine. The bedroom would be off-limits 24/7. And I’d need to be entombed in my bedroom for 9 hours a night. See, the door is never closed to my bedroom. Close that door, and I feel cut off.

I’ve got some time to mull this over. I’ll see if I can make the bedroom-access restriction gradual for the pets.

Last night, they were banished from around 11pm until 5am.

My one model for implementing something similar was when, back in 2002 or so, I stopped letting the cats go outside, cold turkey. This seems like a horrible restriction for cats, mostly Aremid, who loved the outdoors. But they adjusted. I read that cats adjust to however the scope of their domain changes. Even if their domain radically shrinks, they compensate by focusing on whatever domain is available to them.

Mostly, it’s having Aremid right next to me for THOUSANDS of nights that is so difficult to get past.

Aremid as Healer

(February 2008)
Healer II
(March 2008)

Healer 4
(April 2008)
Healer V
(October 2008)
(January 2009)

Aremid, Healer, yet again
(January 2011)


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