I do not feel I missed out by waiting over eight years to watch Firefly. I did give it roughly four hours of viewing (the true pilot and the next two episodes), and maybe it needs to be digested in smaller doses. And maybe expectations were just a wee bit high since I’ve never known a Buffy fan who didn’t think Firefly was a masterpiece. And I’m really not a connoisseur of sci-fan. Anyway, this was worth a blog post. Now I need to go find something else to stream over Netflix, as I’ve reached the end of Season Four of 30 Rock, and I can’t get myself to start watching Season Two of The West Wing (no appetite for anything political).


3 thoughts on “Firefly

  1. Battlestar Galactica? Slightly political, if you can take it, but it’s political in the sense that you need a little dose of politics to make any sci-fi seem legit. Like Star Wars was a little political. Just a little. Anyway, I got addicted for a month and it was a great way to kill time while waiting for med schools to get back to me, but I didn’t feel too bad because the decisions/moral/ethical dilemmas in this series are pretty good. Try to find the pilots first, though, since Netflix starts at Episode 3.

  2. Thanks, Court. Thanks a good suggestion. I won’t have to feel cheated that the show will be canceled, nor will I have to be feel like it’s dragging, because it’s cable and presumably is not 22 episodes a season. And I’m pretty sure it streams on Netflix.

    As for Firefly, I rather enjoyed the episode where they got out of space for a little while and were in a civilized place that wasn’t the desert or some desolate outpost. So I’ll probably finish it up at some point. Maybe everything starts to gel in the second set of episodes, and that’s why fans were so heartbroken when it was canceled.

  3. Toastie, I am in total agreement with you about *Firefly*. It was a good watch, but not *that* good. *Buffy* was better overall, but it doesn’t make JW a genius at everything television.

    *BSG* is certainly a better experience overall. I would say it is more than a little political though that does not negatively affect the enjoyment. The show does have good acting talent. You do want the pilot episodes; I will check to see if I have them.

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