Nephrectomy Now!

3 thoughts on “Nephrectomy Now!

  1. Dave, you look so happy to be just minutes away from the removal of one of your kidneys! Think about how happy you’ll be when you find out you’re going to get a transplanted kidney someday!

    We’re coming to visit tomorrow evening and bringing a special treat for you. Rest up and enjoy losing 15 pounds in one fell swoop!

  2. Hey, I love the stylish headware. I am sure they eventually gave you the blue one. What are they giving you for pain? Take as much as they will allow…then give the button an extra push. It is going to hurt like a mother and getting around is going to take some time. Get up into the chair as much as possible and walk when they feel you are safe to do so. The room can feel very confining. That is why I left the hospital one time at 3am and walked down to Dunkin’ Donut’s just to get some fresh air.

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