Education in America gets further F***ed up

And by F***, I mean Foxx, as in North Carolina’s own Virginia Foxx. Foxx is perhaps best-known as the batshit crazy-like-a-fox representative who said that Matthew Shephard’s murder having been a hate crime was a hoax, and that the health care bill was more reason for fear than any terrorist threat.

Last January, Virginia Foxx said on the House floor:

Most of the things that have been done by the federal government which are unconstitutional have been done for good reasons. They’re not malevolent reasons, but they’re wrong. We should not be funding education, for example.

Well, Rep. Foxx is the new chairperson of the house subcommittee on higher-education.

She was the only committee member to vote against the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 that was signed by President George W. Bush.

She is also a huge supporter of for-profit colleges and thinks that recent student loan reform should be repealed.

Ah, there are so many things I could mention that are flat-out rotten about what the new GOP-led House plans. But Foxx is one of my favorite targets, since my f***ed state keeps sending her to Washington.


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