Absymal HR

Not only did they f-up the entire hiring process and fail to provide me with useful starting information, but now they’re f-ing with my health insurance.

They run their HR operation out of New Jersey, and it’s readily apparent because every conversation is lacking in empathy, friendliness, and respect.

I elected my 2011 health insurance provider on December 3. 26-days-later, the provider has no record of me whatsoever. My HR throws the blame back to the provider; “they should have your data”.

A case has been opened, and it should take “3-5 business days” to conduct an investigation.

Hey, f-ers…there technically aren’t any business days until January 3, so you’re telling me I may not have this resolved into January 10? What am I supposed to do until then?

Oh, you can fax me a letter certifying that I’m covered, which I can’t even get until January 3.

Here, dialysis center, this says I’m covered! I don’t have a number or anything. I’ll accrue $1000 in charges over the next week, but, trust me, I’m covered!

And then I’ve got the surgery on January 19, for which the pre-authorization department already called me to get my new insurance information.

“It’ll be resolved by then,” I was assured. “F*U. This should’ve been resolved two weeks ago. Why would I trust a (*#*$&( word you’re saying”.

I didn’t really say that. I told her that I had plenty of other medical expenses that would come up before then, and it was not acceptable that I had to simply lay out the money for them in the meantime.

But it’s acceptable to my HR department, so that’s the bottomline.

Seriously, I do not need this shit. This week off is great, except it’s a blip compared to what I really need right now, which is about a year off.

I imagined while I was on hold for 25 minutes that HR was going to come back and say, “The reason you’re not in their system is because you’ve been terminated.” And I completely believe that my company would fire someone without bothering to them. Completely.

Is that MegaMillions jackpot still growing?



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