Friskies Party Mix / Feline Hyperthyroidism Update

Aremid digs the Party Mix

Mom sent some Friskies Party Mix in her holiday care package. The idea that cats need their own party mix is a little disturbing, as is the psycho kitty pictured on the package. But Aremid, with his hyperthyroidism not under control, could use all the calories he can get, and he loves the Party Mix. And the Target bag that Mom’s goodies came in.

Aremid’s T4 level is still elevated, which explains why he consumes massive quantities of water, I buy massive quantities of litter, and he is stuck at 7½ pounds when he was once around 11 and the vet would like to see him at 9.

So we will increase his dosage of methimazole. And I’m sure the Party Mix will help. Thanks, Mom!


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