Weeds etc.

Thanks to streaming Netflix, I’ve just wrapped up five seasons and 63 episodes of Weeds in 55 days. (I had seen Season 5 on a free Showtime preview last year, but it’s much better viewing with four seasons of context).

There is so much in this show I could’ve done without:
– the massage parlor
– drugging daughter with laxatives
– death by sandblaster
– 13-year-old’s threesome
– random alley sex
– cockatoo killing
– Kevin Nealon masturbation
– Mary-Kate Olsen

But the show had me hooked. Mary-Louise Parker. Her facial expressions are one-of-a-kind. Mesmerizing.

Elizabeth Perkins is great, even if Celia Hodes turns cartoonish in later seasons.

Oh, what’s the point of writing about a television show you’ve watched as a solitary experience? Getting rid of regular TV means I don’t watch anything at the same time as anyone else. I can’t say to anyone, “Did you see Weeds last night?” Anyone with Showtime has seen Season 6, and I already accidentally saw too many spoilers.

Geez…the more I think about it, the 63 episodes in 55 days is not something to be particularly proud of.

Ugh. Suddenly very self-conscious about the blog…about myself…I already took one post out of the public domain today. I was complaining about my old bank. Upon further review, it seemed quite…unseemly…and I cared that it made me seem petty and bitter and…being a viewer of 63 episodes of Weeds in the span of two months makes me seem what, then?

Ok…if I’m going to do stream-of-consciousness writing tonight, I should at least complete my thoughts.

I should write about something a little more important. I have kidney news to share. That should go in another post.

Sorry, folks. I am finished with work for the year, and it’s just dawning on me…and I’m not overcome with a feeling of grand relief…more, the enormity of a lot of things are sinking in…and shouldn’t be writing as that happens, at least not here, like this…


5 thoughts on “Weeds etc.

  1. Enrique and I watched all of the available seasons on netflix in less than one month. I just asked E for his estimate to make sure I wasn’t exaggerating and he said 3 weeks. It’s not you, it’s Mary-Louise Parker!

  2. Yeah, but a few of those items provide the contrast/setup for future punch lines.

    I was most entertained by the first season, as is the case with most serials. The race to one-up oneself is quite the trap.

    I did really grow to enjoy Andy’s humor. “Lupita, I was just thinking about you.”

    Other memorable items that come to mind: Esteban’s Montalban delivery; Megan’s spray-paint “art” and Lupita’s subsequent treatment; Doug petting Celia’s wig (“Good girl!”). Actually, Nealon’s performances had me laughing a lot. I’m sure I am forgetting much.

    My own disturbance comes from a kid who never missed “The Six Million Dollar Man” if he could help it. Lee Majors played his part well, but it was still just wrong.

  3. Like Arrested Development, and any good quirky show, watching Weeds leaves one with a treasure trove of references.

    I miss Lupita’s regular appearances.

    Esteban is channeling Montalban, yes!

    I liked Doug and Celia best when they were briefly hooking up.

    Favorite guest stars: Zooey Deschanel and Alanis Morissette.

    Least favorite guest stars: Matthew Modine and Albert Brooks. (I really like Albert Brooks, but thought they could’ve done more with his character.)

    Perhaps we can have some Season 6 viewing parties whenever it finally comes out on DVD/Netflix.

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