Bad kidney

bad kidney good kidney
Above is my latest poor artistic rendering of one of my polycystic kidneys and a normal kidney.

I am cranky tonight because my left kidney will not stop aching. Stronger painkillers do I need.

This kidney has been a pain in my side…and my back…and my gut…for a good two decades now.

The good news is that the left kidney is coming out in less than a month. I’ll be having surgery to have it removed, a nephrectomy. The talented surgeon doing this thinks he can do this laproscopically, though it seem like it will have to be some magic trick. He said he can use various instruments to shrink it to pull it out.

So this is the good news. In the meantime, this kidney seems to be wanting to remind me how much discomfort it can cause.

This has gotten me in a pretty rotten mood, since, as I rambled earlier, I’m off from work now for the rest of the year. I should be relaxing.

Just venting….


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