National Geographic: Inside North Korea

I give my highest recommendation to Lisa Ling’s 2006 National Geographic documentary Inside North Korea. (Okay, it’s not the best documentary ever made, so it gets 9/10).

I’ve come away from it thinking that, if we can spend one or two trillion dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can we topple the leadership in North Korea, too? It does strike me as a difficult endeavor. That whole needing congressional approval for war–it seems a bit difficult to do that with a nuclear country when you’d need the element of surprise. Then there’s the whole sovereign nation crap. I don’t know how this problem gets solved. It’s been 18 years since I dabbled in Model U.N.

And then after the “victory” there’s a humanitarian catastrophe fifty years in the making that will need attention–the widespread famine and total isolation from the outside world. But I’ve got to think this must happen at some point in my lifetime. I heard that some of the WikiLeaks cables described some of the plans for how North Korea could be re-integrated with South Korea.

Anyway, if you don’t know much more about North Korea than what you saw in Team America: World Police, I suggest this 50 minutes of viewing.

I’ll leave you with this quote:

I remember seeing kids fighting over a corn kernel they found in cow dung. A cow had eaten corn, and the children fought over it, and eventually washed it in the water and ate it.


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