Photo catch-up and an unfortunate attempt to hike

More scenery from Western Carolina, two weeks ago…

Sleepy Gap death trail (0)I tried to hike down a trail at Sleepy Gap. Oh, how I want to be one of those people who hikes–one who can handle the physical demands of a hike and one who knows what the heck he’s doing and how to actually go about a hike. Alas, I am completely out-of-shape and should have never started to descend this trail that was labeled “More Difficult”. As I descended, in the hopes of reaching an overlook, I realized I’d kill myself getting back up. I turned around after maybe a third-of-a-mile. And I had a helluva time getting back to the top, my heart pounding and an unnerving volume.

Me on a Sleepy Gap death trailLet this photo serve as a reminder of how much illness takes out of me, and, I hope, when I am healthy in the future, I can come back to this location, not looking like imminent death, and be able to hike wherever the hell I want.

Sleepy Gap death trail (1)
Sleep Gap trail…it’s hard to capture the steepness of the slope from a photo

Sleepy Gap death trail (6)
More Sleepy Gap pics

French Broad River (6)
French Broad River…more pics

Chestnut Cove (3)
Chestnut Cover…more pics

Bad Fork Valley (1)
Bad Fork Valley

Maggie Valley (5)
Maggie Valley…more pics


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