One down, many to go

No energy to put any thought into this post. Perhaps more to say soon. Perhaps not. Posts like this are rare. I wish I had a more creative way of announcing this.

Starting a month from now, I will have a NEW JOB!

Five years at my current job is three-times more than I spent at any other previous employer. I don’t have much to say about my soon-to-be-old job. I have no desire to burn bridges. Ok, I have some desire to burn some bridges, but, apart from this very comment, I shall say elaborate no further.

And I shall say very little about my new job, other than that I have been informed that the organization makes Fortune Magazine’s Top-100-Places-To-Work List. I guess that’s not too shabby. I am not moving anywhere, so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to narrow down who the employer is, and I’m happy to share more details off-blog.

I would love to say I’m “happy” overall, but the reality is that I still be buried by an awful lot right now. There’s a little bit of daylight, and that’s a nice feeling. However, I’ve still got lots of digging to do.