Walked out on dialysis






Will explain why another time. In the meantime, the Duke Gardens will probably be a far-better treatment.


3 thoughts on “Walked out on dialysis

  1. Even though the quality of the camera phone pics you took was kind of crappy, I get the idea that you had a very nice afternoon walking around the Duke Gardens area. It was too beautiful of a day to be stuck inside with needles in your arm (not that I really know what that feels like). So good for you! Glad you got out and enjoyed nature.

  2. Dear David, Taking time away from dialysis to spend time in the Duke Gardens was probably much more therapeutic than dialysis last Wednesday. Just wanted to let you know that in the last year and a half that I have been following your blog I continue to be entertained by your thoughts and comments especially the political ones. You often put articulately into words my own thoughts about political figures and situations. Feeling that halfway across the country someone else sees things similarly is comforting. Keep blogging….I’m still reading. Thank you! Zoe

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