Myers-Brigg Monster: Part I

I reviewed my Myers-Briggs type over the weekend, and I concluded that I cannot be shackled to just one archetype that I’ve labeled myself for years and years. I’m not merely an INFP. I am just as much an INTP. I am the worst (and the best, perhaps) of two archetypes, both of which are generally doomed to lives of misery.

( I N F P + I T F P ) / 2

    Take things too personally
    Lack of patience with less intelligent, less imaginative, and incompetent people
    Lose interests in projects after problems have been solved
    Difficulty communicating complex ideas in a simple manner
    Below-average social skills
    Lose interest in projects I can’t control
    Difficulty setting priorities
    Difficulty working on projects that conflict with my values
    Rejects traditional or routine ways of doing things
    Difficulty working in competitive or tension-filled environments
    Undisciplined about attending to and following through on important tasks
    Reject repetitive tasks
    Impatience with rigid structures

One thought on “Myers-Brigg Monster: Part I

  1. Hey now, don’t talk trash about yourself like that. I am an INFP just like you, although my “I” is really close to being an “E”. I’ve known some cool INFP’s — including you.

    Here are some cool things about people like us:

    INFP’s are “disposed to like people and to avoid conflict, therefore they tend to make pleasant company.”

    “Devoted to those in their inner circle, INFPs guard the emotional well-being of others, consoling those in distress.”

    “INFPs are creative types and often have a gift for language. As introverts, they may prefer to express themselves through writing.”

    “They continually seek new ideas and adapt well to change.”

    We’re a rare type of people, you and I. A life of misery? No way!

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