Serious questions about dialysis

Do dialysis patients tend to be mentally challenged with the cognitive capacities of children?

If so, can they make separate dialysis facilities for these individuals and for fully-functioning adults?

If not, why are dialysis centers run like pre-schools?

Also, am I supposed to share in the center’s elation that my transferring here has been a boon to their blood work statistics?

I’ve been on for just a little over an hour. I will start to feel cold, hot, and clammy in 5…4…3…2…


One thought on “Serious questions about dialysis

  1. Your spam protection will limit their ability to comment for themselves 🙂 but it’s called “learned dependence” and it is a very real phenomenon. I call it the dialysis infantilization process.

    It starts on the first day when understandably overwhelmed you rely on staff and ask no questions. At this point you’re are probably uremic and not thinking clearly so it makes sense to rely on staff but it’s when this becomes habit that you loose your adultness.

    You can fight this taking as much responsibility for your treatment as you can manage. Ideally by putting in your needles. And avoid daytime TV …

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