August 5 rapid blogging: swimming with iPhone

As mentioned in my work-related post, I walked into a swimming pool with my iPhone. Last Friday, while at North Myrtle Beach (my journals and blogs are not for positive things, so probably no writing about the better moments at Myrtle), I decided to take a quick dip in the pool to cool off after hanging out at the beach. Not used to going to pools in my uneventful life, I didn’t occur to me to empty my pockets. I noticed a minute later that I still had my iPhone in there.

Friday night – blow dryer.

Saturday morning – brief moment on generally-unavailable internet led to purchase of bag of rice

Sunday morning – Apple icon flashed but that’s it; I realized attempts to charge it probably hurt more than helped; bag of rice right away would have been the best course had I known to do that

Monday – Same.

Tuesday morning – Totally dead.

Tuesday afternoon – Suddenly alive! I see my missed calls from the weekend. It syncs with iTunes. I receives incoming texts. Except the touchscreen doesn’t work at all. I can’t unlock it. Can’t do anything with it. I reset it through iTunes. No change. Back into the rice.

Wednesday evening – Pack it with DampRid, which should be more effective than rice, though it’s likely too late.

Apple will charge $199 to replace an iPhone that OOW (out-of-warranty). Can’t pretend it didn’t sustain water damage. There are liquid sensors on the iPhone.

A water-damaged iPhone (3G) can do for $80 or so on eBay. A working 3G can be bought for $160 or so.

A guy on Craigslist says he fixes iPhones for cheap. Not sure exactly how cheap. I’m reluctant to call until I decide my resuscitation efforts have failed.


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