August 5 rapid blogging: dialysis

I’ll continue to write relatively little about dialysis, compared to my ongoing tirades about nocturnal dialysis.

I know people would be happy to hear that my new shift is going so much better than the old one. It’s not. It’s going a little bit better. Sleeping at home every night is a big plus. Not starting some of my days cold and sweaty in that place is a big plus. There are a couple of people that I definitely do not miss.

With the new shift, I need to be waking up very early for work; I haven’t quite gotten the hang of that yet. Obviously, I should be getting to bed earlier. On dialysis days, I’ve pretty much exhausted after I leave, so the rest of those days are pretty much shot. Time flies by just as quickly as it did before, which is too quickly.

The hot flashes and cold sweats haven’t gone away. No possible solution on the horizon. Well, I am trying a non-doctor-approved remedy. I’ll let people know if it works. I’ll keep it to myself if it doesn’t. Nothing dangerous. Just tired of nothing and no one helping.

I’ll get my first lab results from the new place tomorrow or Monday, and that’ll give an indication on the efficacy of the new schedule versus nocturnal. I’d be surprised if my numbers didn’t take a hit.

Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a second set of appointments with Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte to get on their transplant list. I went for orientation in March and a first set of appointments in early July. This is being dragged out far longer than I anticipated, and it’s very disappointing. I guess I’ll need to put in another call to them to see what the heck the problem is scheduling me in.

897 days on the transplant list. Going by averages, I still have another 1476 days to go.


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