If dialysis doesn’t suck

If dialysis doesn’t suck, it probably means I’m comatose; in which case, please don’t wake me up.

Going Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 3-7PM at my favorite dialysis chain’s other local location. It’s a small improvement so far.

I don’t care to say anything more about it for now. It is what it is. For the record, I don’t really think that idiom reflects a good way to deal with most circumstances. If it were, I’d still be at the other location. I used the word “idiom”.


One thought on “If dialysis doesn’t suck

  1. Who ya calling an idiom?!

    btw, just b/c a thing is what it is doesn’t mean you need to keep that thing. It just means you acknowledge that it isn’t changing and either accept it or move on.

    I’m tripping off the soapbox, though. 🙂

    I hope moving on will be a good fit.

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