Skipping dialysis for my own good

IPhone post from my own bed on a dialysis night. Decided I am too tired for dialysis tonight. That sounds like a silly excuse, considering I just need to drive there and then could, in theory, go to sleep.

I feel like I’m too tired to rely on my dialysis sleep to get me ready to have a productive day tomorrow. I’m making the decision that it’s actually better for my health to skip dialysis tonight. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I tend to get to work significantly late, and I still feel feverish all day. If I somehow forgo extra sleep at home and get to work on time, I feel feverish AND exhausted.

If I am stressed because I am either missing too much work or trying to get in extra work off-hours, it has repercussions for my physical health…that whole mind-body thing.

And while not the main reason I’m skipping tonight, it is nice to have privacy on a Wednesday night. It is nice to lie in my bed. It is nice that my pets don’t feel abandoned.

Perhaps it would be nice to skip dialysis for something exciting.

One of these days, especially if I have my kidneys removed, skipping dialysis will not be an option. I don’t know how I’ll cope with that. My friend copes with that. I guess he copes because staying as healthy as possible is not optional if you want to do right by your family, the people you care about and who care about you. He’s also a person of great faith. Alas, my brain isn’t wired for faith, so I’ll have to figure out something else.


2 thoughts on “Skipping dialysis for my own good

  1. Last night was a ruckus, I mentioned to one of our louder cohorts that I was going to be a father and in usual boisterous fashoin, made a big announcement to the entire group. The Doc’s came by, and that was about it. We had R and G as the tech and nurse last night. It wasn’t so bad, but I know what you mean by wanting to take a break. I have been getting to treatment so late that I do not have any time to try and sleep. That was the one advantage to working retail, I could come home and sleep, then get into work by noon or one.

    Hang in there, something will work out soon.

  2. Rob, the word “ruckus” should not appear in a summary of a dialysis session! I want ruckus-free dialysis!

    G called me back to make sure I was doing ok, and I think G is a big reason why I can keep coming back.

    I’m also aware that louder-cohort usually means well. It’s life-a-lysis, after all, so they should celebrate that you will be becoming a father!

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