Best Petsitters in Durham

Herman, Aremid, and Zellouisa don’t agree on much, but they are unanimous in praising Bull City Pet Sitting for providing the best, funnest, most loving care when daddy has to go somewhere. Heather and Jen treat them all like their own. Herman needs belly rubs, Aremid needs lap sessions, and Zellouisa needs head-butts, and they all get plenty of TLC from Bull City Pet Sitting. Aremid and Zellouisa have both had special medication and food needs over the years. Herman has special needs just in his social ineptness around other canines. Heather and Jen always do a tremendous job with my critters. I’ve been using them for nearly six years, and I recommend them whole-heartedly to the pet-owners of Durham!

Herman at the vet How many pictures of Z on her back do I need?
Aremid atop bookcase (Nov 07) (9)


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