Craigslist for a kidney

I know you mean well, but, no *****, I will not ask for a kidney on Craigslist. I don’t care if Duke would do a transplant from a stranger, although I’m pretty sure they won’t; there are legitimate reasons to have a policy against this. I have an appointment down in Charlotte this week, and I will ask them, just so I know. In any event, I wouldn’t have a good story to tell in an ad, and I’m not going to make stuff up.

It also doesn’t help to read about anyone who’s been waiting for four years, who was “weak and tired from spending nine hours a week in dialysis”. Chances are, I’ll still be in this boat two years from now. I’d like to think I won’t be weak and tired. I can’t afford to be.

However, so your suggestion is not in vain, I will at least post here the link to the article about the woman in Arizona who got a kidney off of Craigslist.


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