Dialysis rant #83

At 12:42AM, I don’t particularly care if I will regret this in the morning.

Yes, *** clinic business manager, I’m pissed off enough to throw this up on the internet. I’m really happy that you’re the biggest most profitable dialysis company in the history of the universe. And you’ll continue to be no matter what I say, so I don’t post this to try to scare you, because I know you don’t really give a ****.

Is the radio permitted to be on during “quiet hours”? This is a very simple directive to follow if it is supposed to be off. For me, no matter how “low” the volume is turned, it is disruptive. Even when I have earplugs, I hear it. This is happening every night ***** is working. It’s 12:39AM, and the radio is on. It will be on when I leave at 5:30. I’m not going to say anything, because I need to know what the policy is and if you plan on enforcing it.

It is very basic comfort thing for me…either the radio is allowed, or it’s not…if it is allowed, it’s significant in telling me what kind of operation I have to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. If it’s not allowed, please see to it that it’s stopped going forward, with no returning to it once staff things it might be ok again.

You missed the point with my complaint about music back in May. That it was “gospel music” was not the point. Staff shouldn’t need a radio on to do their jobs once patients come in. And it’s certainly inappropriate once patients are supposed to be getting sleep. I hope you will agree with me. If you do not, I need to know this as well.


2 thoughts on “Dialysis rant #83

  1. Toastie,
    Have you thought of filing a formal complaint with the Medicare Network for your area? Maybe they xan help you resolve the radio issue with your unit?

    Best wishes always,

  2. Hey Miriam, thanks for the comment. Fortunately, I will not need to go any further. The manager was very responsive to my complaint and has taken action.

    Knocking the dialysis issues down one at a time!

    I slightly edited the original to exclude the company name and some harsh language, due to the company’s rectifying of the problem.

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