WordPress 3.0 / Toastiest 5.0

PurpleI’ve been working on the new theme. The theme came with a dark-reddish blackground. I figured I’d go with that. Change is good. But then I figured I could alter that image to make it close to the blue that I have currently. So I tried to do that. After some analysis, I realized I had a purple-ish background, not a blue one.

My red-green colorblindness has impaired me in important decision-making from time to time over the years. One problem has been that I sometimes do not initially realize that a shade of purple is, in fact purple, rather than blue.

In this case, I figured, what the heck, I will go with purple.

Purple can be manly. Then again, what is “manly”? Interestingly enough, that will be the subject, I think, of my minister friend’s sermon tomorrow. If I can get out of bed, I really plan to go to this service in the morning. I’ll ask her about purple tomorrow, and what that might say about me.


2 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 / Toastiest 5.0

  1. Ah, I’ve had this conversation before, and I know the answer. (Mr. Kotter, Mr. Kotter, ooo ooo!) Manly is whatever a man does. Yes, that’s an intentionally wide definition. I’m curious what your minister friend has to say about it. This is not our mutual friend, is it?

    (It looks blue to me, too.)

  2. No, not a mutual minister friend.

    I have been afraid of purple ever since I was a teen and had been told that a “blue” shirt of mine that I had liked and picked out a couple of years earlier was actually purple.

    But I don’t care if it’s manly or not. I always figured I wasn’t all that manly because “manly” is the Brawny paper towel guy, and I just can’t relate to chopping down trees.

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