Friday Night Rants

1. Very deep disappointment and a bit of anger over developments at work. I can’t say much more than that.

2. Disappointment that two weeks of fevers and pains and other unpleasant symptoms have no definite cause. A CT scan revealed the usual…big kidneys with lots of cysts. I’m on antibiotic in case a cyst is infected. There’s not a way to know for sure. Removing one of my kidneys is probably a viable option at this point, but there are numerous repercussions of having that done.

3. There’s no reason why the radio should still be on at 11:54. This is ridiculous. Mr x is trying to be quiet, but the fact is that he’s on the phone or talking to his neighbor. I don’t want headphones on. They are not conducive to comfortable sleep. 8 months of this. Ridiculous. What the hell am I supposed to do? There’s no one at DaVita that I trust. I’m ready to stop dialysis until I figure out another option. I suspect I’d start getting very fatigued. ESRD bad breath might reappear. But I’d sleep at home every night. I’d be away from this place.

I really need a kidney. Waiting another four years is an unimaginable option.


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