N.C. Senate Primary

Someone help me out. June 22 is an important date in North Carolina politics for registered Democrats We have to choose a candidate in a primary runoff between Cal Cunningham and Elaine Marshall. I voted for the third-place finisher Ken Lewis.

Ken Lewis has endorsed Elaine Marshall.

In 2008, I voted for Jim Neal over the eventual-winner Kay Hagan.

Jim Neal has endorsed Cal Cunningham.

I haven’t followed the race too closely. I haven’t gotten beyond the platitudes and the generic warnings.

Who can be the best Senator?

Who’s got the best chance of beating Richard Burr in November?

UPDATE – A Facebook friend with media ties sent me these useful links:
Marshall: http://wunc.org/programs/news/Isaac-Hunters-Tavern/blogaudio/SEN_MARSHALL.mp3/view
Cunningham: http://wunc.org/programs/news/Isaac-Hunters-Tavern/blogaudio/SEN_CUNNINGHAM.mp3/view


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