Thanks AT&T

No, really. I’m not being snarky.

AT&T has announced they’re doing away with unlimited data plans for iPhones, and I’m glad, because I’m going to save $15 a month.

Existing iPhone users don’t have to give up their $30 a month unlimited plan. There’s a new $15 plan for using 200MB a month. That’s been about my average data usage. I watch an occasional video on YouTube because I can, but it’s not something I need, especially if I can save $15 a month.

For $25, you get 2GB a month. If I ever decided that I needed to watch video, I think 2GB would be plenty.

How much for all the data over 2GB? I have no idea and no need to know.

I don’t really care if this is a good business decision by AT&T or not. It’s rare that I get any good news as a consumer. My dog food company Nature’s Recipe just shrank its 20-pound bag to 15-pounds and kept the price the same.


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