Herman blogging

Herman on the way to the vetIt’s been over six weeks since I blogged Herman pics?

Well, I took him to the vet Friday because he hasn’t been finishing his kibble over the last few couple of weeks. He seemed to be in a lot of pain when I inspected his teeth. When I inspected his teeth, some of them looked like they were in terrible shape. I figured that it was hurting him to eat.

(Herman on the way to the vet)

Herman at the vetIt turns out that his teeth are in pretty good shape, structurally. He’s got some significant plaque build-up, but the vet didn’t think his teeth have anything to do with his recent lack of appetite. Furthermore, even though I’ve felt like Herman has lost a ton of weight over the last few months (because I’ve intentionally reduced his food intake), he only lost three pounds since his last vet visit. At 60 pounds, the vet thinks he still has six pounds to go to get to his ideal weight. So, his recent habit of leaving a bunch of food over may not be such a big deal, after all.

(Herman at the vet)

Herman content 2010.05.29(Herman content at home tonight)


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