Republican Hypocrite of the Day

And I’m not going for the easy one, who is Rep. Souder, the pro-abstinence, family-values-spewing congressman who just resigned for having an affair with his aide.

I saw this quote from Rep. John Mica of Florida:

I’m not going to point fingers at BP, the private industry, when it’s government’s responsibility to set the standards.

Suddenly, the Republican wants government to get involved in regulating industry? You’re shi**ing me.

I’m awfully curious to learn what Rep. Mica has previously said about the government getting involved in regulating industry.

Let’s see…He derided the healthcare bill, mostly because government is going to play more of a role in ensuring its availability to more people. He was outraged about the government taking over the processing of student loans. He opposes the Federal Reserve having greater regulatory powers over financial institutions. He complains that too much financial regulation is confusing.

To be fair, I don’t know much of anything about Rep. Mica. Tomorrow, I will not care. My quick late-night analysis is probably faulty. But, wow, does it make me furious when I see this hypocrisy.


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