Turns out bacon is bad for you

Wendy's BaconatorYes, this is breaking news. Stunning news. Bacon and hot dogs and processed meats are bad for you!

I’ve really got to cut it out. No more bacon. I’m sure I tried this some years back. Time to try again.

There’s plenty of things related to my health that I have no control over. Getting a “Bacon and Blue” burger at Wendy’s is not one of them. It is not “moderation” simply because I avoid the Baconator.

Hoping to shame myself into adopting some better eating habits.

Oh, I did, indeed try this before. On January 10, 2008, I declared that I was done with all pork products. I think that lasted two or three months.


2 thoughts on “Turns out bacon is bad for you

  1. If you really want some incentive… search for a few documentaries on the packaging process. The hubbie is always stumbling across them, and just watching a few minutes turns me off to meat for weeks at a time. You could probably schedule to watch it for about five minutes a week, every week, and be done with meat forever…

  2. 1. I’m getting an ad for Bacon Salt on my website right now. 🙂
    2. I think I’ll skip the visual aids. There are a particularly gruesome couple of pages in the book Fast Food Nation that I can revisit. Poor Babe. 🙂

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