My hulking HP Pavilion DV9xxx is pretty much dead. I don’t want another hulking (17-inch) laptop. (12-14 inches, I’m thinking; maybe 15; most likely won’t go the netbook route.) I don’t want another HP. I can’t afford an Apple.

Anyone purchase a laptop in the past year or so and care to share their evaluation?


2 thoughts on “Laptops

  1. I will second the Toshiba recommendation. I bought mine in November, and I did a lot of research before buying, and asked the computer services folks at work for their recommendations as well. I also got mine at Best Buy and got a good deal. So far so good – no problems with it yet. We use a lot of Dells at work too, and I used to own one of those, which I also liked a lot. But I’m happy with the Toshiba.

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