Make someone happy

I am pleased to proclaim that, for the past 16 days, I have been dating a fantastic woman. Wow, even I’ve found someone! Perhaps the world really is ending in 2012.

Now, I don’t plan to do much blogging about this relationship. I feel enough pressure as things are to be the good guy she deserves without feeling like I owe the Reader anything here. I’ve already screwed up at least once, but fortunately she has at least a small supply of patience.

It’s rare to find me happy. But she has made me happy a healthy amount over the past 16 days. She says the sweetest things to me which make me feel like ten times the person I was before I met her. She’s so much fun to be around that I even had fun at a fashion show benefit. I’m very attracted to her. She’s simply an extraordinary woman. And I’m very grateful to have her in my life right now.



10 thoughts on “Make someone happy

  1. Hey Toastiest,
    You’re the MOSTIEST! I’ve been following you through Miriam’s blog on Dialysis from the Sharp End. I am so glad you are happy and you look years younger. Love your passion for animals. Glad for both of you!

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