Durham water bill

I opened up my Durham water bill, which I generally don’t pay much attention to because I just pay a flat rate each month and hope I don’t fall too far behind. I was surprised to see that I had a credit for $16.95. Yippee! I had read there had been billing errors (see BCR), and that people had been charged more…though that was supposedly after they were charged less. Oh, well, I won’t worry about what’ll be next time until it is next time It was nice to cancel my auto-payment scheduled for a few days from now.

Durhamites–read your water and sewage statement if you haven’t yet.


One thought on “Durham water bill

  1. WooHoo! 🙂 What can you do with $17?…
    Chubby’s Tacos
    A few months’ supply of earplugs
    Almost 3 dozen Bruegger’s bagels (Wednesday special only)
    A wet/dry Dustbuster hand vac (for vacuuming the cat)

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