Home decor inquiries

If you’ve seen my pet pictures, you know what my living room furniture looks like.

I’ve got a couch and loveseat, both generous hand-me-downs from when my friend J got married. The pets obviously love the furniture. I, at the age of 34, have still never bought a new couch. Given that my pets spend half their waking hours on my couches, that may have been a smart thing.
Zellouisa Cat Napping - 09-07-08

I have a neighbor who is about to leave town. She has a nice black leather couch. I agreed to help her sell this couch, but then she offered to sell it to me at a very reasonable price.

Question 1. Would it be absolutely appalling to have both the black leather sofa and my old loveseat in the same room? My sister thinks so. I can see her point.

Question 2. Would it be absolutely appalling to have both the black leather sofa and my only-one-year-old brown leather ottoman in the same room? My sister thinks so. I can see her point, here, too.
Herman, broken laptop, ottoman
The obvious solution is not to keep this black leather couch that I don’t really need, but it is somewhat of an upgrade, and some change would be nice.

Since I just about never have anyone over, should I ever care if my furniture clashes? I mean, given the other problems I’ve got, is this worth stressing about? Then again, since it’s something within my control, should I try to get it right?

UPDATE Oh, so here’s a picture of the neighbor’s couch, which is still in her apartment, because we could not figure out how to get it out her front door. This little problem may make this all moot.


3 thoughts on “Home decor inquiries

  1. If you want to put them all together and feel they don’t match or coordinate, it’s called ‘eclectic’. 🙂 Alternatively, you can get a slipcover for the old couch and throw pillows for the new couch that incorporate the colors of the new couch and the brown ottoman to tie it all together.
    However, I’ll reiterate what other past owners of leather will tell you: Leather in the summertime is tricky… high temperatures + humidity + shorts + leather couch + jumping up to answer the door or phone = one less layer of skin. Also, pets’ nails and leather can be an unhappy combination.
    That said… nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you want the couch, get the couch! Sometimes this style has removable armrests for transporting. 🙂

  2. I agree with ACW about the eclectic look. My friend has a house full of mismatched hand-me-down furniture that doesn’t remotely match, but his place looks awesome because it’s clear that he’s arranged the pieces to suit his lifestyle. It’s a really comfortable and pleasant place to be.

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