Live-blogging housework

(Not really live-blogging, since I’m not publishing this until I feel like I’ve accomplished anything…or I’ve given up.)

2:44pm Just trying something different. Every weekend goes pretty much the same. High ambition for housework. Very little accomplished. If I document my activities, perhaps I’ll be motivated to get something done.

3:01pm Well, I’m watching tv, and Aremid is curled up next to me, and Herman and sleeping on the other side…when there’s so much is disarray, it’s very difficult to do work that’s going to result in just a speck of the disarray going away…even though I know that’s the only way to get started…

3:56pm Still nothing…

4:08pm Start with living room. The little demi-table has had the junk removed from it. Small steps…


4:21pm Cleaned up under the ottoman. Dog-hair. Bills and stuff I was supposed to attend to on the internet, before the stuff fell on the floor, and under the ottoman, to be forgotten forever, or, at least, until today. Will attend to a couple of these things now…

4:54pm Stuff cleared off of ottoman.

Herman, broken laptop, ottoman

5:10pm Small amount of stuff cleared off of loveseat. Pledge pet-hair removal roller applied; not sure it does much good.

Pledge pet-hair remover

5:38pm Picked some stuff off of the floor, including Home Depot purchases from about a month ago, home stuff I figured I could use, but, as usually, I basically wind up storing away. I did pull out one of those Mr. Clean “magic erasers”. I gave it a try on some stubborn icky stuff in the bathtub. Didn’t work. I tried.

Living room is passable, at least by my very low standards. Anyone used to true clean would find about 39 things still wrong with the room.

Herman Zellouisa and living room 2010.03.07

6:17pm Tried to do some small outdoor work, bagging up leaves that I had already raked into rough piles. Unfortunately, the neighbor kids wanted to come over. And they brought their new cap guns. And they harassed my dog. And I can’t watch my dog and these kids and bag leaves simultaneously. I feel like I ought to be a more patient with the kids, so I let them get away with their antics. I feel like the alternative is yelling at them so they’re afraid of “Mr. David” for the rest of their childhoods. So, minor outdoor work done, but now I’m really not feeling like doing anything else. And starting to sneeze because I’m allergic to the outdoors.

6:36pm Cleared out the minor pile-up in the kitchen sink. It had seen much worse. I never did blog about my wonderful kitchen sink, that I bought last year to replace the standard shallow renter’s sink that the previous owner had put in. I had hoped that having a deep sink (8 or 9 inches, compared to 6) would encourage me to cook more, since cleaning up would be easier with more room to maneuver (with my kitchen, overall, being quite a tight space). However, it’s mostly just given me a lot more room for stuff to pile up. (Oh, I had also been excited to get a sprayer. I don’t have a dishwasher, but a sprayer would solve everything). Anyway, so the sink is clear for now. I’m frustrated that I don’t even know how to get these certain smudges out. Do I need stuff specific for stainless steel? I figured 409 would work. It didn’t.

The kitchen sink

So it’s getting close to 7. I’m going to relax and watch the Oscars in a little more than a hour. I probably won’t do anymore housework tonight.

I barely did anything, really, but it’s probably more than I would have done if I weren’t recording it. So that’s the purpose of this entry. I know it’s not exactly riveting.


2 thoughts on “Live-blogging housework

  1. Are the smudges on the floor of the sink, or on the sides? We have a cheap-o sink, so after washing it, I sprinkle Comet on the damp surface and let it set for about ten minutes. When I come back, a scrubby sponge and the resulting paste usually get rid of any stains or smudges.
    Alternatively, the appliance place next to the Shannon Rd post office sells highly specific cleansers for just about everything in the kitchen.

  2. It looks really good! I only have one stainless steel thing, my trashcan. I found some orange-scented slightly oily nonreusable pads at Lowe’s for pretty cheap that work nicely to remove the icky things from it.

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