Silence would be golden

I’m getting really fed up with a particularly garrulous patient here at dialysis. If I were not reclined so that my face were hidden from his view by my dialysis machine, he would surely be talking me up, about any and every random thought that ran through his head.

As things are now, I’ve got my earplugs in, headphones on, and volume way up on the television. Yet, I can still hear Mr. X’s bellowing and frequent laughter, puncturing any peace I hope to have here at dialysis, which is a hopelessly unpleasant experience.

In the past, I’ve been sitting up in my bed watching tv, with the earplugs and headphones, and the tech has motioned to me and called my name, forcing me to remove my ear equipment, because Mr. X wanted to ask me if I had gotten my Diet Hansen’s soda at Trader Joe’s.

As I’ve said repeatedly, this nocturnal dialysis is simply not conducive to a relaxing night. There are the harsh lights, the beeping machines, and the patients and staff who treat the dialysis unit like a social gathering.

However, if I switched back to mornings, I’d be dealing with the noises fivefold. I was really looking forward to nighttime dialysis because the normal shift had felt so chaotic. Besides, the slower, longer dialysis I get at night is supposed to be better, physically.

I’ve always been very sensitive to noises, whether I’ve heard neighbors or dogs or car stereos while at home or coworkers or outside music while on the job. I desperately want quiet here at dialysis, but I know I’m never going to get it. I could tolerate dialysis so much more if I could rest in peace here.


7 thoughts on “Silence would be golden

  1. You could always switch to 5 day/week home hemo, and you could come over to our house and I’ll be your nurse/dialysis partner. You get yummy homecooked meals every night, that’d be nice, I’m sure. We’re pretty quiet, but you might still want to put in your ear plugs when we read the Bible! (sorry, just couldn’t resist the joke…chuckle, chuckle!)

    Really though, home hemo wasn’t too horrible. I just wish our clinic offered the nocturnal home hemo set up… I don’t see how anyone could sleep on that machine, requiring BP checks every 30 mins. ?

  2. @Danielle – That sounds great. If only the dialysis center could be modeled after your house. I don’t think I’d mind quiet Bible-reading. 🙂 But I don’t think I could do 5 days a week.

    @ACW, Valerie – I make it sound so horrible, but, sadly, without having checked out all the other options but having heard some things, I think I may be at the best place already. I’m not sure if my transplant possibility is still viable or not, but I need to wait until that plays itself out until I look into other options. (Well, I guess I don’t NEED to, but it’s a big deal to try to switch, so I’d have to be absolutely sure).

  3. I wish there was more the center could do to address your issues. In the area- there are really 3 choices- Fresenius, DaVita or Morreene Road- only 2 have nocturnal programs- Briggs Ave and DW.
    Unfortunately, everyone has different personalities and in a center where there are 12 people- there are apt to be some differences. Have you asked to have your bed moved to an outside spot (away from that pt?).

  4. @concerned – I have thought of seeing if another patient wanted to switch, but I’ll hold off for now. Just having vented about it has helped some. The last couple of sessions have been a little less frustrating.

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