Dog-out-in-snow blogging

Herman snow '10

Herman doesn’t like the snow so much.


3 thoughts on “Dog-out-in-snow blogging

  1. Herman doesn’t like the snow? Our little Taylor doesn’t seem to like the snow either. She walks funny on it and is always looking up at me with that look that says, “Do I have to go for a walk with you in this white stuff?”

  2. Get out! Love the new Duke-themed blog style. :p I think you should also update the spam protection to calculus to weed out the riff-raff. 😀

  3. @Danielle – Herman is confused now because some of the stuff has melted and there’s nothing, then there’s slush, then’s there’s hard snow, then there’s ice…every step is treacherous. He usually loves his walks, but he’s been happy to get back home the last few days.

    @Valerie – Duke-themed style? I didn’t do that on purpose. It’s supposed to be Israel-themed.

    Kidding. I was messing around with having a normal white-background instead of the black I’ve had for a couple of years. I accidentally ruined my old template and had to just switch to my experiment. Glad you approve! Comment box needs a lighter background. Spam protection will remain on “challenging addition”. 🙂

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