I’ve never watched a lot of Conan O’Brien over the years, but I appreciate his talent and have been disheartened by his losing of The Tonigt Show. I am not a Jay Leno fan.

I was thinking about what Conan could do next that could be as special as hosting The Tonight Show. I’ve heard this nowhere else, but I would Conan might land at HBO. I think that’s the classiest network, and Conan is a classy guy.

I don’t see an 11:00 show on FOX being that special. Competition with Jay and Dave, and Stewart and Colbert.

An 11:30 show on HBO, Monday through Friday.

I just made the tough decision to drop HBO to try to save some dough. I might be inclined to shell out the bucks again if Conan came aboard.

Just a crazy thought.


2 thoughts on “Conan

  1. A friend mentioned he thought Conan was locked into a contract and unable to take other offers until September… I haven’t been following the particulars all that closely, so I don’t know… but my response was: If he can’t host until September, does that necessarily mean he can’t be a *guest* (or repeating guest, like five nights a week) on someone else’s show?

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